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MABON, Fall Equinox Candle

MABON, Fall Equinox Candle

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MABON, Fall Equinox Candle

created in collaboration with Marcy Ellis & Remedes + Richewels

The Mabon Fall Equinox Candle was created to bring light, warmth and abundance to your life. A beautiful piece that can be displayed and admired for many seasons. A work of art that can be enjoyed burned or unburned. Lightly scented with therapeutic grade essential oils like Cassia, Clove and Ginger in soy wax gives a delicate aroma when burned. Each candle is handmade in small batches from start to finish by Marcy Ellis and Teryn Thress in Tucson, Arizona.

Candle measures approximately 3”x3”x3” soy wax with cotton wick.

These candles are very limited and sell out every season.

*Candles take up to three weeks for production and shipping 

*tray in photos not included


Narrated by Melissa Aparicio

MABON marks a time of equal day and equal night, and for a moment we are granted the opportunity to witness the natural worlds embodiment of balance. Mabon is here to guide us into the final harvest of the year, while inviting us to pause and offer recognition to the gifts that the earth has nourished us with thus far. Mabon informs the soil to begin slowing down in preparation for her sleep, but not before bursting the ground with a final bounty so generous and great. Reminding us of all that we have sown under the life-giving sun of a season now past. As warmth gradually fades into a familiar chill, we collect all that remains and take with us only what matters most.

Mabon is a time to face ourselves through a raven-like lens. The raven is an access point in lifting the veil between the material world and the world of the spirits. It’s here that we can experience a sincere reflection into the unadulterated truth of who we are and who we are becoming. Where the balance of the season is matched within our bodies, restoring our innate ability to clearly discern what's to come next. Mabon is a time to reflect upon the condition of our lives, and harness the decisiveness necessary to let what has passed to fall away. Fear not for the raven will guide you to better see through both darkness and through light, behold these hidden wisdoms and faint whispers from the season that say all things must come to an end.

The Mabon candle is a living breathing work of art who wishes to hold you through this memorable transition in ceremony. It longs to hold up a mirror to the woman who sits here today, while revealing to us the woman who has seen tomorrow. It’s flame will not only evoke vision and heat in honor of the changing season, but it will release a trilogy of plant spirits contained within it’s wax. These of which create a unique emotional companionship exchanged between plant and person.

Cassia is an ally of warmth, embrace, and remembrance. His depth is sincere and his essence feels like a cocoon to unravel in. Cassia wishes to help move any stagnation or staleness from your life. He is a friend to the lonely, and to those longing to reconnect with the forces unseen.

Ginger wishes to offer you power, he is an ally for empowerment, responsibility, and achievement. Ginger reaches into the core of our being and summons the energy needed both physically and spiritually. He is a force in breaking attitudes of victimhood, powerlessness, and shatters the feeling that everything is beyond our control. Ginger reminds us that we are the creators of our own destiny.

Clove is the guardian of potential, realization, and boundaries. There is no stronger plant oil for helping clarify what is yours, and what is not yours – what will I allow to come into my life, and what will I no longer stand for. Clove will guide you back onto your divine path.

Mabon will change you, it will change us all. Blessed be the hands of time.

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