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Ceramic Goddess Ornament

Ceramic Goddess Ornament

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celebrate the holidays with this exquisite hand-made ceramic goddess ornament, a beautiful collaboration between artist, Marcy Ellis and her mother, Liz. this unique piece is not just a decorative ornament; it's a symbol of love, craftsmanship, and the beauty of shared creativity.


  • each piece is one-of-a-kind, no two are the same
  • high fired ceramic
  • measures approx. 4-6" long, 2-3" wide
  • hand-painted details
  • high quality leather tie for hanging
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when you place your order, you will receive an ornament similar to the photos below. however, each piece is unique and details like size and designs may differ from photos.

with a shared passion for art, we have poured our hearts and creativity into every aspect of this piece. Marcy's expert hand-painting skills shine through, bringing the goddess to life with vibrant colors and intricate detailing.

ornaments are carefully crafted from high-quality ceramic, ensuring its durability and timeless beauty. the goddess's design is unique, making it an ideal addition to any art collection, or a lovely gift for a loved one. this piece serves as a symbol of family bonds, creativity, and the divine feminine.

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