Cedar + Floral, Mantra + Smudge Bundle

Cedar + Floral, Mantra + Smudge Bundle

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smudge bundles, or floral wands, aim to energetically purify a space, object, or person-commonly referred to as smudging. eliminate negative energy, purify your environment, and promote balance and harmony. 

paired with this smudge bundle is a hand-drawn illustration with a powerful mantra. use these together to invite positive energies and self love. 


  • smudge is beautifully packed with: sustainably sourced cedar and roses
  • approximately 4" in length
  • 3" hand-drawn illustration is tied around the bundle and easy to remove, keeping the smudge bundle intact. 
  • mantra on the back of illustration
  • repeat mantra as you smudge and purify yourself or space to activate positive energies and healing.   
  • dried herbs are sustainably foraged and harvested in Southwest Florida by 12 Moon
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